Shower Doors: Frosted Glass, Stained Glass and Other Decorative Ideas

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Benefits Provided by a Frameless Shower

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One way to update your bathroom is to get rid of old, fully framed shower screens or curtains and replace them with sleek, frameless designs. Consider the following benefits you'll enjoy.


Frameless shower screens are typically custom-designed, which allows you to avoid pre-manufactured shapes and sizes that don't add to your bathroom's aesthetic. You can opt for rectangles or unusual screens in rounded or arched forms. You can create a long, skinny shower or a massive square enclosure, depending on your bathroom's proportions. Thus, you're not as limited in creating the shower configuration.


Frameless glass is sheer and beautiful, and it enhances the bathroom. These shower screens aren't encased in heavy metal edging, which takes away their icy aesthetic. Thus, you can install shower wall and floor tiles in hues like pale pink, fawn, and white without their ambience being jarred with bulky frames. You'll notice the tiling easier without the distractions.


Frameless screens use thick, toughened safety glass, which is unlikely to break. These screens are treated by a tempering process that rapidly heats and cools the glass. This makes it incredibly strong. If it breaks, which is rare, the glass crumbles into small chunks that are unlikely to cause severe injuries.

Glass Options

You can opt for various forms of decorative glass to build a frameless shower. Clear glass lets light flow into the enclosure, and it makes the bathroom appear larger, as your view isn't as blocked. A drawback to these screens is that the shower won't be as private.

You could install frosted glass instead if you want privacy. These screens let muted light flow through so the bathroom is still light and airy, but they obscure the view and create seclusion. Another type of decorative glass is textured glass, with a popular design being rain glass. This texture mimics the effect of rain running down the screens. The patterns also blur the view into the shower.

Door Styles

You can also install different kinds of doors with a frameless shower. Sliding doors can roll along a mechanism at the top of the door. Swing and pivot doors require some space to open. Another possibility is fixed shower screens with an open end that is doorless. You can easily get in and out of these showers, and you don't need a free hand, making your access easier. These showers are ideal for people with mobility issues in particular. Plus, they create an especially sleek impression without a door handle.

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