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How Glass Splashbacks Are A Lot More Versatile Than You Might Think

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Glass splashbacks are by far the most popular form of splashbacks because they often match a kitchens glossy interior and sparkling finish. This can turn some people away, especially if they don't want that sort of look in their kitchen. But glass splashbacks are not a one-trick pony; they have a whole range of different options and varieties that you might not even know about. If you are considering renovating or updating your kitchen, you must consider including a new glass splashback, because there are more varieties than ever before that can match with whatever design element you want.

Textured Patterns

Glass does not have to have a completely flat surface that looks as though it was carved out of immaculate stone. It can come with a range of different textured patterns, from intricate honeycomb designs to those that mimic tiles. This allows you to go in a more unique direction than you might expect, especially when combined with some of the options below. While going down this path with a more interesting splashback surface, you still get all the benefits of glass including the durability, ease of maintenance and high-quality finish in whatever style or pattern that you choose.

All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Glass splashbacks are manufactured, not harvested from natural quarries (although you might be forgiven for thinking they were). That means they can come in any colour or combination of colours you want. In fact, you don't even need to pick just simple colours either, you can even have photos inserted into your glass splashbacks with no difference in quality whatsoever. Some people like to have photos of natural vistas on their splashback, like fields of wheat or a simple image of a beautiful beach. The ability to choose from so many options of colours and images makes glass far more versatile than stone, tiles or other, more natural materials.

Stop The Reflection

Sometimes a reflection in the glass splashback can be quite annoying, especially in the morning when the sun seems to be at its brightest. But glass splashbacks do not have to be highly reflective; in fact, they don't have to have a mirror-like quality at all. More and more people are choosing matte or soft finishes that absorb a lot more of the light and prevent it from bouncing around like a disco ball. For more refined kitchens or for those who just hate a glossy finish, there are still options for you within the glass splashback world. 

Talk to a glass supplier to find the right glass splashback for your kitchen.