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Why Frameless Shower Screens Are a Surging Trend in Bathroom Renovation

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While shower curtains were all the rage at some point in the past, they're no longer fashionable and may make your bathroom look and feel a little dated now. Plus, they're not the most effective at keeping the water in the shower. Replacing traditional shower curtains with glass shower screens can refresh your bathroom space while keeping the water where it belongs: inside the shower. But which type of frame should you go for?

Glass shower screens come in three main framing styles: framed, semi-frameless, and frameless. Each framing style has unique features, pros, and cons that must be carefully reviewed to determine if it suits the intended application. In recent times, many people have been gravitating towards frameless shower screens as they discover their many fantastic advantages. Keep reading to learn about these advantages.

Versatile style

Looking to add to the style of your bathroom? Frameless shower screens have a minimalist look that can complement the style of almost any bathroom. The understated elegance is further enhanced by the fact that the glass panels blend in almost seamlessly with the hardware used to secure them in place. Plus, the minimalist yet elegant charm of frameless shower screens doesn't detract from the beauty of other features in your bathroom.

Sturdy design

Do not be fooled by the lack of a frame in the design of frameless shower screens: these glass shower enclosures are built to offer the same level of strength and durability that framed and semi-frameless versions can provide. Frameless shower screens are made from toughened glass just like their framed and semi-frameless cousins, but they usually require the use of thicker glass to provide the desired level of strength and impact resistance.

Less maintenance

If you're like the vast majority of Australian homeowners, you want to keep your glass shower screens looking great throughout the year while spending the least amount of time and effort looking after them. Frameless shower screens are generally easier to clean and care for than framed and semi-frameless alternatives because dirt can't hide and build up in the nooks and crannies found along the edges of your glass panels.

Ready to spruce up your bathroom with frameless glass shower screens? It's important to keep in mind that each bathroom is different and therefore, you may require custom-made shower screens for your bathroom renovation. Feel free to contact a business like Exclusive Glass Products to get your frameless shower screens custom-measured and installed.