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Advantages of a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen

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Picking a splashback material can be challenging with so many materials on offer. For a modern and easy-to-clean option, you could fit a glass splashback, which will present the advantages listed below.

Variety of Design Options

The splashback needs to harmonise with other elements in the kitchen, such as benchtop, cabinets and flooring. Glass makes coordination easy, as you can back-paint it a variety of different colours to fit the decor. You could match it to a neutrally toned cream wall, for example. Or, in an all-white kitchen, you could create interest with a contrasting cobalt blue or vibrant yellow glass. Printed digital images offer further decorative possibilities. You could spread a picture of texture, such as brickwork, across the glass to mimic the real thing. Alternatively, choose a pattern or natural landscape scene. With endless images to select from, glass splashbacks provide an open-ended range of design options.

Fits Any Space

You can adapt the glass to fit any size and shape area. To fill out a span, the panels can be cut to any contour, and several can be joined. You could install a standard benchtop-to-upper-cabinetry splashback. For a unique look, you could create an unusual shape, such as running the glass right up to the ceiling or around a room corner. Remember, though, that contractors can't cut the splashback after it has undergone the tempering process. Thus, the initial measurements need to be perfect. 

Makes Your Kitchen Seem More Spacious

A shiny glass splashback that reflects light around the kitchen will evoke a feeling of space and openness. The room will be brighter with extra illumination, which further implies spaciousness. Conversely, dim or dark corners and areas make parts of a room less visible, so it appears smaller. Also, glass splashbacks form a smooth and clear surface that seems more expansive than a similar size tile area, riddled with grout lines. 

Easy to Clean

Glass splashbacks that consist of one or several large smooth panels are straightforward to clean. You won't have to waste time scrubbing debris from grouting, one of the most unpleasant jobs ever, as the surface has so few joins. Even though glass shows fingerprints and food spills, it's simple to wipe with a glass cleaner to look pristine. Furthermore, it will remain smooth and shiny and not degrade or develop pores or pits over time. 

Overall, a glass splashback provides plenty of upsides. You can pick from an endless selection of digital prints and colours to spread across the back. With so many choices, it's easy to blend with the surrounding kitchen. You can use one or several panels which can be put together to create any size and shape splashback. Your kitchen will appear brighter and more spacious; plus, your new surface will be easy to clean.