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Reasons To Install A Glass Splashback

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When you're deciding on a splashback material, you'll have a wide range of possibilities, which can make it challenging to come to a decision. One option to consider is glass. Consider the following reasons for installing a glass splashback.

Resilient And Long Lasting

The primary function of the splashback is to protect your walls from grease, food spills, and other grime. Because you need to wipe the area so often, straight painted walls would quickly look faded and old. Glass, however, is extremely durable and robust. You can clean it endlessly without it showing any signs of wear and tear. Typically, splashbacks are made of toughened glass that is about four times stronger than standard float glass, so it's unlikely to break.

Design Options

The splashback sits around eye level, framing your counters. Thus, it's very noticeable and impacts the decor massively. The good news is that glass can be painted across the back in a wide variety of hues, allowing you to either embolden it with a vibrant chartreuse, for instance, or to spread calm with a soft, neutral fawn. 

As well as solid colours, glass splashbacks can highlight printed images, creating a fantastic feature. Choose a picturesque scene of sheep dotted across a green pasture, or inject some abstract art into your kitchen with swathes of colours. In an industrial decor, you could print a photo of red brickwork across the glass back.

Creates A Light Ambience

A bright and airy kitchen creates a welcoming space in which to work and socialise, and a glass splashback can help to achieve this. Its shiny surface will bounce light around the area, making the most of any incoming daylight as well as artificial light. A side benefit is that you'll save, over time, on lighting costs as you can either rely on natural sources or use lower wattage light bulbs.

Easy To Clean

Any substance you spread over the splashback area should be easy to clean. Tiles contain many grout lines that can catch debris, and over time, these joins can look grimy, requiring you to do some scrubbing. With glass, you'll have no such problems. Several large panels will connect seamlessly together so you'll have an even smooth surface. Using a recommended cleanser or one for glass, just wiping the surface will leave it sparkling clean. 

Thus glass provides a durable and attractive splashback surface. Using toughened glass panels that join seamlessly together, it will be easy to clean. Plus, you'll have an endless array of colour and pattern choices to marry it with the decor. Visit a shop near you to see what glass splashback options are available.