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2 Facts To Consider Before Ordering A New Shower Screen

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The upcoming Christmas holidays are an excellent time to tackle renovations since many businesses close for the period between Christmas Day and New Year's, so you have plenty of time to get that renovation list done. As someone who wants to revamp a small bathroom, you are currently considering the new fixtures and fittings you need, so you can buy them at the upcoming sales. When it comes to shower screens, you may think that all screens are pretty much the same, and you only need to be concerned about the price, but this is not true. Here are two facts to consider before you head down to the hardware store to get your new shower screen.

1. Frosted Versus Clear Glass

The first thing to think about is what type of glass you want in your new shower screen. Frosted glass offers a lot of privacy for the person taking a shower, and this is beneficial if you only have one bathroom, so the chances of more than one person at a time being in there are higher. However, clear glass makes a small bathroom look bigger because the eye sees through the glass, so there is no obstruction breaking up its view. You will need to decide if privacy or a sense of largeness is more important to you.

2. Framed Or Unframed Shower Screen

A framed shower screen is one which has an aluminium frame around the glass, and an unframed shower screen is one which is just a thick glass panel standing on its own. An unframed shower screen, again, makes the bathroom look bigger because there is no frame obstructing the view as the eye looks around the room. A framed shower screen does bring with it higher maintenance because you need to clear away built-up soap scum which gets trapped in the edges of the shower screen frame.

Finally, shower screens which look dirty all the time are frustrating to their owner, so consider how much maintenance overall your new shower screen will need. As mentioned above, framed shower screens do get soap buildup in the frame. Frosted glass shows fewer water streaks than clear glass does. Talk to your local glass provider to find out exactly which shower screen would suit your home best. Then you can order it and spend your end-of-year holiday break upgrading your bathroom to a room that you're happy to spend time in.