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Broken Window? Follow These Steps

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Having a broken window, whether from an intruder or someone accidentally throwing a ball too far, can be a frustrating experience. Here are some things to make sure you do after your window is broken.

Call the Police if it Was a Break-In

First of all, if you think the broken window is the result of a break-in, make sure you call the police. Be on alert just in case the intruder is still on your property. Stay a safe distance away until the police arrive and ensure your property is safe and the person who broke in is no longer there. You should also file a police report, giving them as many details as possible. With this police report, you will then be able to call your insurance company and file a claim to try and get the damage covered if you have vandalism coverage.

Clean Up the Broken Glass

Before letting your family around the area of the broken glass, clean it up the best you can. Start by putting on some hand protection, such as work gloves or gardening gloves, then begin picking up the larger pieces of glass on the ground. Also pull out larger pieces that seem loose in the window frame, but don't do this if you have to pull hard; this is much too dangerous. Place the large pieces in a paper grocery bag to dispose of safely. Put that aside, then start sweeping up the smaller pieces of glass on the ground, followed by vacuuming it up and making sure you empty the vacuum bag or dispose of it. Finally, get a wet paper towel and wipe it on the ground to pick up any remaining pieces of glass so nobody gets injured.

Cover the Open Window

Since the window is broken, it puts you at risk of having damage in your home if it is raining or windy. First cover the window the best you can, without cutting your hand on any remaining glass. Covering the window with heavy butcher paper can work, or you can get cardboard and tape it around the window frame. This will at least keep rain and debris from entering your home until you get the window repaired.

Call a Glass Repair Company

Covering the window is only a temporary fix. It doesn't prevent other intruders from getting into your home through the window. Call to have the window repaired immediately, choosing a glass repair specialist that has a quick turnaround time. They can usually come out the same day, or the following day if you find the broken window late at night. By getting it fixed right away, you will feel safer in your home and can ensure no broken shards of glass remain that could injure your children or pets.