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Broken Glass Window? 3 Steps To Temporarily Reinforce A Ball-Sized Hole In Your Glass Window

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When you own a home, chances are that you're bound to deal with broken windows at some point, especially if your neighbourhood is filled with children playing cricket, rugby and other sports. While you will need to call an emergency glass replacement service immediately to ensure that your home's security isn't compromised, you can undertake some steps to temporarily reinforce a ball-sized hole in your glass window until the professionals arrive.

Clean Up The Broken Glass From Around The Window Area

Be sure to use heavy-duty gloves to protect your hand from cuts and bruises before handling broken glass. If the glass window has a ball-sized hole through it or even if it is just cracked, use a duster to brush off the glass shards from around the broken area onto the ground. Push the pane gently to let any loose shards fall out. Use a broom to sweep up the ground to remove all traces of broken glass from it. Once you're done, be sure to run your vacuum cleaner over the entire ground and window area to suck in any residual glass shards that were not swept up. Look under your chairs, tables and couches for any stray pieces of glass. Make sure you keep your kids and pets away from the window area for now.

Cover The Ball-Sized Hole With Paper And Masking Tape

Since a ball has managed to penetrate through the glass, this leaves room for all kinds of insects and bugs to enter until the emergency glass replacement service arrives. Place a large newspaper over the crack and bolster it with masking tape against the glass. Do this only if the glass pane is sturdy. If the glass appears unstable, then apply the newspaper against the window frame and stick masking tape over it to hold it in place. This will cover the ball-sized hole for the time being.

Add Newspaper To The Outside Part Of Your Window

If possible, apply newspaper and masking tape to the outside window frame as well to protect the window until a replacement service arrives. Cover the entire window frame to ensure that insects, bugs and weather elements don't enter your home. Make sure you tape the newspaper securely in place using industrial-grade masking tape. This is to ensure that it doesn't come undone thanks to heavy winds. If you cannot secure the outside because you're on a top floor, reinforce the inside of your window with several layers of newspaper for added protection.

These steps will help you temporarily reinforce the ball-sized hole in your glass window until an emergency glass replacement service arrives.