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Installing A Splashback? 3 Deliberations For Opting Between Glass And Tiles For Your Kitchen Splashback

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Making the decision to install a kitchen splashback is a prudent choice because this helps to protect your walls from food and oil stains. Splashbacks can easily be wiped and maintained, offering superior functionality in the kitchen. But making the choice between a tiled and glass splashback can be difficult when you don't know what you want. Here are some considerations to make your decision easier.

Maintenance Ease

Easiness of maintenance is one of the most vital factors for choosing a splashback in your kitchen, so your first choice would be to consider whether a tile or glass splashback is easier to maintain. Tiles represent an appealing look in the kitchen, but they are more difficult to keep clean because they have more joints and more grout to clean, which enables the growth of mould in these areas. On the other hand, a glass splashback typically has a single surface with no joints. This makes it supremely easy to keep clean. The lack of joints also means that mould will find it difficult to grow on a glass splashback.

Appearance Within Existing Décor

The appearance within the existing décor of your kitchen may also play a role in your decision to choose between a tiled and glass splashback. For instance, if you have a country-cottage style kitchen, then mosaic tiled splashbacks tie in well with the décor. But, tiles may not look as comfortable in a sleek and modern kitchen with minimalistic tones. On the other hand, glass is more versatile and can easily integrate into a modern and traditional kitchen, making it an easier selection for your existing décor. If your décor is between traditional and modern, then glass splashbacks will integrate effortlessly into your kitchen style.

Installation Effort

DIY homeowners will be happy to know that they can install both tiles and glass on their own. But you should keep in mind that tile installations require careful planning to ensure that you get the right measurements and sizes when installing each tile against the wall. If you're a beginner, then it could be a big challenge to achieve a symmetrical finish for your tiled splashback. In this instance, a professional tile fitter is best equipped to handle the installation job for you. On the other hand, glass is a single panel, so you can easily install it against your wall without worrying about symmetry.

If you're choosing between a tiled and glass splashback for your kitchen, consider these vital factors and make a choice that best fits in with your needs.