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Three Unusual Ways To Use Glass Tiles In Your Home

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Glass tiles have been a popular choice for kitchen splashbacks for years, and they're increasingly common in bathrooms - where they can add a dash of much-needed colour. There's no reason to limit your use of glass tiles to just those rooms, though - they're a great way to mix things up in almost any part of your home.

Hallways, entryways and corridors

Art glass mosaics can be a stunning addition to any space in your home that might otherwise be neglected. It's easy to leave your corridors looking a little dull, so this is an excellent way to sparkle them up a bit; it's especially effective to use glass tiles near windows, where they'll catch the light in all manner of interesting ways. This is a good place to use the really elaborate layouts - you can create your own little works of art here, where they won't have much else to compete with and there's no need to worry about protecting them from the elements. Look into coloured grouting to really finish your new installation off with style.

Porches, gardens and conservatories

There are a hundred ways to use glass tiles in your garden and outdoor areas. Here you'll really get the benefit of the glitter of light on glass - and you'll be able to appreciate how easily you're able to bring colour and texture in. This is a great place to look at all the different finishes you can get; dichroic glass works incredibly well in conservatories and porches, while a wall of roughened mottled glass tiles brings something really interesting to a completely outdoor area. Try arranging your potted plants against a glass-tiled wall for your own little riot of natural variety.

Dining rooms and entertaining areas

Glass tiles aren't just beautiful - they're practical, too. They can be used to refresh a tired sideboard or an old table, giving you a centrepiece for your room that is incredibly easy to clean. Families with young children might also find that tiling some portion of their dining room floor is a good way to help with the after-dinner cleanup, and glass tiles give you a way to do that without losing anything in style. If entertaining is more your thing, you'll find that keeping the food and drinks in an area with tiled floors makes cleaning up after a party a breeze - not to mention the impromptu dance floor potential you don't have with carpet!