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Steps For Reglazing a Window

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If you have older windows in your home, the putty around the windows might start cracking or lifting from the frame and glass. This putty is also called window glaze, which helps to hold the glass securely to the frame. Before you start repairing the glaze, look at the glass to see if it needs to be replaced. If so, you might instead want to contact a window glazier who will replace the entire window for you. 

Get Prepared For Reglazing

When you have decided to reglaze the window without replacing the glass, you first need to get prepared by choosing the type of glaze to use. With the glaze itself, you can choose between oil or latex-based glaze. Each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks. Oil-based glaze is applied after being heated, but tends to look like higher-quality glaze when you're finished. Latex glaze is a little more affordable and easy to use, without needing to be heated up first. After choosing the type of glaze you want to use, gather the tools and materials you will need. This includes having the glaze, eye and hand protection, and a scraper.

Scrape Off the Old Glazing

Now that you have everything you need for reglazing the window, it is time to start removing the old glaze. This can be done by using a scraper or razor knife. First look for the stops in the window frame and figure out if they are painted in or screwed in. Use a screwdriver if they happened to be held in by screws. If they are painted in, you can use your razor knife to break the paint and remove them. You can now use the scraper or razor knife to start cutting out the old putty. You simply need to chip away small pieces at a time until it is completely removed. Do this very gently so you don't crack the glass or damage the window frame, if you are trying to keep the window intact and not replacing the glass.

Add the New Glaze

By this point, you are ready to add the new glaze. If you are using latex-based glaze, take a ball of putty from the container and start kneading it until soft, then roll it out into a rope of putty. Place it against the gap of the window between the window glass and wood frame, spreading it out evenly. A putty knife is helpful for smoothing it out in the gap. Apply pressure in a downward angle, beginning at a corner of the window, then moving around the window, adding more putty as needed. Once it has been added and smoothed out around the window, let it dry for several days, or until it is stiff.

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