Shower Doors: Frosted Glass, Stained Glass and Other Decorative Ideas

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How to Add Style to Your Room With Sliding Wardrobe Doors

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If your bedroom seems to lack a certain sense of style, you can give it some personality with sliding wardrobe doors. These come in a wide range of materials and overall designs, and they can actually brighten up a dark room or give the room a distinct look that is uniquely your own. Note a few tips for adding style to your room with sliding wardrobe doors and remember these when you're in the market for new doors or a new wardrobe altogether.

1. Add light 

If your bedroom is overly dark or the furniture is very dark and heavy, you might add some light to the space with Lucite or frosted glass, and then LED lights behind the doors. Just one or two lights above and below the panels of the doors can make the space seem brighter without making it too bright at night. You can then turn off the LED lights when it's time to go to sleep but leave them on during the day and in the evening to make your bedroom seem a bit brighter and more cheery.

2. Use an unusual material

If you love the beach, have custom sliding doors made from driftwood. If you like a very modern look in your home, choose a stainless steel or aluminum material for the door, powder coated in your favorite color. For a very lightweight look or to add color, opt for a thick fabric for the doors. Like curtains, fabric doors can be of virtually any color and pattern and can coordinate with your bed linens for a real sense of decorator style.

3. Add oversized accessories

The accessories or hardware of your closet door can also add visual interest, so choose pieces that are oversized, colorful, bold, and the like. You might opt for a very large oil-rubbed bronze handle and a matching track, to add color to a plain white door. Look for handles with flowers, seashells, and other such items incorporated into the design. Add fake hinges to the sides of the door for even more visual appeal.

4. Opt for natural wood

Using natural wood is a good way to add style to your room because then you can more readily paint, stain, or otherwise change up the look of the sliding door. If you want to change the style of your room regularly, wood can allow you to do this on your own without having to invest in new doors every time you get bored with the current look of your wardrobe.