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DIY: Repairing a Wooden Frame Broken Window

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Repairing windows is not as difficult as it may sound to some. If you have broken window glass and you're worried about having to spend money on getting it repaired, look no further because here's your detailed guide on repairing windows.

Tools Needed

  • A measuring tape to take measurements to buy a new glass.
  • Paint scraper to remove any glue or sash
  • Putty knife to remove putty.
  • Hammer to hammer the nails into the frame
  • Eight to ten nails or glazing points
  • Hand gloves for protection against cuts that may be caused by the broken glass
  • Safety goggles to protect your eyes

Measuring the Glass

If you need to buy a new glass, you will first have to measure the frame. The right way to do so is to measure from the inside part of the frame. Then remove one millimeter from the measurement to make sure the glass fits properly. Now take these measurements to the provider and get your new glass.

Removing the Broken Glass

Make sure to wear gloves when removing the broken glass. Use a plier to remove the broken shafts, then use a Stanley knife to remove the sash from all corners of the window. You can also use a heat gun to warm the putty and remove it with the help of a putty knife. Carefully inspect the rabbet groove to make sure no glazing points, putty or shards are remaining.  

Placing the New Glass

Apply a bead of putty on the glass side. Squeeze out a 1⁄16" bead of putty between the window frame and the edge of the glass. Carefully press the glass to make sure it fits the putty well and is placed perfectly. Also make sure to carefully position the new pane leaving 1/16" gap between the sash and pane on all sides. To secure the glass, place new glazing points using a hammer or other equipment suitable. It is ideal that you place two on each side, around 6" apart. Apply putty on all four sides of the glass to make it even more solid, and scrap the excess putty using a putty knife. Once the putty dries, paint it and your new glass window is ready to be put where it belongs.

We hope this small guide will make repairing windows easy for you. However, if something looks wrong or if you're having problems, make sure to reach experts.